>J26 An applicant whose application arrived at CIO on or after June 26th 2010
AOR Acknowledgement of receipt letter.
BDEC Background Decision
CC Credit Card
CHC Canadian High Commission – refers to the Canadian embassies, Visa offices, and Consulates.
CIC Citizenship and Immigration, Canada – the umbrella body which governs both CIO and local CHC offices
CIO Centralized Intake Office in Sydney Nova scotia – where you sent your application. Sometimes it is mentioned as CIU (Centralized Intake Unit).
DD Demand Draft (Bank Draft / Certified Cheque / Money Order)
ECA Educational Credential Assessment
ECAS Client Application Status, an official CIC service which allows to view the status of your application on-line
FD Fixed Deposit
FILE BF’D TO File Brought Forward date
FINDEC Financial Decision
FOSS is a central database of applications
GCMS Global Case Management System
IMMCAT Immigration Catergory
JD Job Description
M01-M07 level of Medical assessment. M01 means perfect
MEDDEC Medical Decision
MR Medical Examination Request
NCR No Criminal Record
NOC National Occupation Classification
OREQ Other Requirement
PCC Police Clearance Certificate
PER Confirmation of Positive Eligibility Review from CIO
PI Principle immigrant
POF Proof of Funds
PPR Passport Request
PPS point at paper screening stage
PS Prescreen (another explanation is Paper selection)
PSDEC Paper Selection Decision
RPRF Right of Permanent Residence Fees
SEC CRIM Security criminal
SELDEC Selection Decision
SS This spreadsheet
SW1 Skill Worker 1
UCI Unique Client Identifier, an 8-digit identification number. People usually get it from CIC in a PER confirmation
VO Visa Office
RBVO Received by Visa Office
XREF cross referenced applicant