I would like to share with you my Canada Landing Experience.


The Flight

I had decided to fly with Emirates in their awesome A380. It was a truly great experience so a shout out to Emirates for an awesome experience. The boarding was fairly simple, have your passport and your COPR ready. They do ask to have a look at it for immigrants. After that it is just a normal flight.Ā The best part was the onboard internet, the clean toilets, the comfortable seats and the great food. OK I think everything was great šŸ™‚


TheĀ Arrival

We landed at the Person International (YYZ) airport roughly around 2:40 PM. I found the airport to be very modern and welcoming of the diverse culture that makes up the Canadian population. Make sure to fill the form handed to you by your airlines for the Customs Declaration.

It was a simple walk through the lounges to the Immigration, where they asked me for my visa and COPR, had a quick look and asked me to move forward and stamped my Passport. They also marked some signs and symbols (using highlighters) on the custom declaration that I assume is used to direct people later on. As I walked onwards an officer looked at my custom declaration and directed me towards the Immigration / Border Control (not sure) to complete my actual PR formalities.


The Landing

Well I know I have landed but the PR formalities were not done yet and I was now in a somewhat long queue waiting for my official landing as PR in Canada. Once my turn arrived I walked up to the officer and handed my COPR and Passport to him. I was informed about the PR requirements and welcomed to Canada as a PR. Also some information like my flight number and date of becoming PR was written The officer needs to have this information from you at this point so have it ready.

  1. Your address in Canada. It will be written in you COPR and entered into the system. This is where your PR Card will automatically be sent.
  2. Have a contact number in Canada if possible.

After you are done with they will welcome you to Canada and direct you towards the next stage. The next stage for you can be either get your Social Insurance Number from the Service Canada counter which is just around the corner OR to walk out and collect your baggage.


Getting you SIN

Well I know I could have gotten my SIN later, but I decided to get it on the spot, in order to speed up my next tasks in Canada e.g. opening a Bank Account and getting a credit card. The procedure at the airport was simple enough. I walked up to the counter handed them my COPR as that is my identity in Canada until I get a PR.

The process was finished before I knew it. I was handed a simple paper with my SIN number on it memorize that number and protect it as much as possible. If someone asks for it make sure that they really need to know it from a legal standpoint.