Often people ask about the order of document they should place in their package. Below is the exact order that is recommended by forum members.

Firstly start off with the document checklist, tell CIC what you have put in the application and what to expect.

1. Document Checklist

Then place your forms in the following order.

2. Barcode Page of generic form
3. Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008)
4. Schedule A: Background Declaration (IMM 5669) (Applicant+Spouse)
5. Additional Dependants/Declaration (IM 0008DEP) – No dependants – (required this form if u have more than 5 dependant )
6. Supplementary Information – Your Travels (IMM 5562) 
7. Schedule 3: Economic Classes-Federal Skilled Workers (IMM 0008-Schedule 3) – Only Applicant
8. Additional Family Information (IMM 5406) – (Applicant+Spouse)
9. Use of a representative (IMM 5476) – No representative – (Not required this form)

Finally come all the supporting documents.

10. Notarized Copy of Passport (Applicant+Spouse+Dependents)
11. Original IELTS (Include spouse if needed)
12. Copy of Work Experience (should include period+responsibilities and duties) (Notarized Translation if not in English)
13. Copy of Appointment letter. (Notarized Translation if not in English)
14. Salary Statement original
15. Single Copy of Original Educational Credential Report
16. All Educational Certificates & Mark sheets (Notarized Translation if not in English)
17. Relative’s Documents if applicable (Notarized Translation if not in English)
18. Copies of Fund documents (Savings/FDR)
19. Copies of (Applicant+Spouse+Dependents) (Notarized Translation if not in English)
         (a) Birth Certificates
         (b) Marriage Certificates
         (c) National IDs
20. Police Clearance Certificates (Applicant+Spouse) Original (and Notarized Translation if not in English)
21. Six Photos (right size) (Applicant+Spouse+ any child and (5 must have Name, DoB and Date taken written on the back)) – within small envelop & attached with jems clip in the cover page
22. Fee Payment Form
23. Two(2) Self Addressed mailing labels

Info is taken from post of forum member ashif_eee on this page