Q. How to fill forms or what if I do not have a document that is required?

A. Please follow the video tutorial by CIC on how to submit forms & documents. Alternately, you can read this Instruction Guide while filling the forms.

Q. How should I fill Additional Family Information form for my Spouse? Is it required?

A. Absolutely! It is a required document and your spouse should fill it. The form asks for “Applicant” and not “Principal Applicant“. Take care of it when filling the form. You, as a Principal applicant will write your name in “Applicant” Column and you will write your wife/husbands name in “Spouse” column.

Similarly, when your spouse is filling the form, he/she will write his/her name in the “Applicant” row & your name in the “Spouse“.

For both forms, you will write your kids details , or will sign the declaration at the bottom of second section for no kids.

The last table will be filled separately by the two of you with your own siblings.

Q. Should I ship my documents, I fear cap is filled!?

A. No one is sure if the cap is filled or not until the Official CIC website says so. If you haven’t shipped your documents and are in dilemma of sending or not, I encourage you to ship them. You have already spent hundreds of Dollars on completing the ECA & IELTS, why stop now? There’s nothing to lose apart from courier fee, but in return, you might get PER!

Q. Which courier company should I use?

A. It’s your choice and the availability in your area. Most of the applicants that used UPS are happy with 3 ~ 4 days delivery period as compared to FedEx and DHL which takes 5 ~ 7 days.

Q. What envelope color or size should I use?

A. Well the color really doesn’t matter.

Q. I shipped my documents in courier company’s default envelope, It was not 9″x 12″, will I get rejection?

A. NO! Stop worrying about it!

Q. Is my IELTS enough for FSWP 2014 program?

A. For Federal Skilled Worker Program, you will have to score minimum of 6 in each of the modules of the IELTS. IF your score is less than 6 in any of the module, you will have to re-appear in the IELTS.

Q. What score will Ias a principal applicant get on my IELTS?

A. Calculate the points that is given below for each module separately, then sum them up, that will be the score you are going to get! Below is a basic point scoring system. For more details have a look at IELTS Scores and Points for Principal Applicant

First official language (Maximum 24 points)

CLB Level IELTS test results for each ability Points (per ability)
Speaking Listening Reading Writing
7 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 4
8 6.5 7.5 6.5 6.5 5
9 and above 7.0 – 9.0 8.0 – 9.0 7.0 – 9.0 7.0 – 9.0 6

For example: If you have scored following bands: Listening: 7.5, Speaking: 7, Reading: 8, Writing: 6

You will get: Listening: 5, Speaking: 6, Reading: 6, Writing: 4 Total: 21 points

Q. Will I get any points for my Spouse’s IELTS score? 

A. You can get maximum of 5 points if Your spouse or common-law partner has a language level in either English or French at CLB 4 level or higher in all four language abilities (speaking, listening, reading and writing). IELTS Bands for CLB Level 4 an above are given below for spouse’s IELTS Score! For more details about the points for your spouse have a look at IELTS Scores and Points for Spouse

Q. How do I get Job Reference letters and what is the format of a letter? 

A. There are various formats of job reference letters and there are some very important things and components of a letter. There are discussed in details on Job Reference Letter Details and Sample Formats

 Q. What do I do if I cannot get a job reference letter? 

A. Well it is often the case that people are unable to get these letters. Forum members have provided details on these and how to get around this issue. We have discussed the Job Reference Letter Problems with Employers

 Q. Do I need to notarize all my documents?

A. No you do not need to notarize all documents. Canada has two official languages, English and French. Any documents in one of these two languages do not need to be translated or notarized. Therefore, you only need to notarize copies of translated documents that are not in either of these two languages. (So no English or French documents do not need to be notarized)

 Q. How do I find which NOC to choose?

A. Well it isn’t actually rocket science. First thing you need to try is go to the list of open NOC. From there select the NOC titles that mostly matches your area of expertise. Then head over to the official NOC 2011 details site and in the bottom left in quick search enter your 4 digit code. It will bring up the details for this NOC and you may compare the mentioned duties to yours.

There is however also another way to confirm if you are not sure or cannot decide. More details on this method are mentioned in the post Matching Job duties with Correct NOC