First of all this article and my police certificate were able to be done thanks to Dhaka2014 and Shah2014 in the Forums. Please make sure to give them a +1 !!

Update (05/12/2014): The letter that had been dispatched to me by LVO has arrived and guess what it is the same as the letter that is available at the reception at the Canadian Embassy. So don’t sweat it and either contact them directly or if in Riyadh you can just drive over and get the letter from the gate 🙂

Step 1: Get a PCC Request Letter

You need to have a request letter to be able to get a police certificate in Saudi Arabia. 1 x letter per adult applicant is required. There are several ways to be able to get a request letter as mentioned below:

  1.  Go to the door at the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh and request a letter. They will hand over to you a letter with the space for Name / Passport Country / Passport Number. Fill it in Arabic (except for the passport number)
  2. Contact the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh and request them to send you the letter by Aramex. (You will pay the fees upon receiving)
  3. Go to your own embassy and ask them to provide you with a letter.

Please note that your Visa Office also sends you a request letter, but by snail mail which takes ages to get to KSA.

Step 2: Get the Request Letter Stamped at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You need to put a 30 SAR stamp at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on the request letter from the embassy before you can take it to the Police Station. The MOFA office (HQ) is in Riyadh / Nasseriyah Street. There are branches in Western and Eastern provinces that do the stamping as well.

Step 3: Head over to the Police Station

Next thing you need to do is to go to the police station to file your request. It is not an ordinary police station, but a special Criminal Investigation Department, know in Arabic as — إدارة الأدلة الجنائية —Please search for your local branch. The one in Riyadh is located on Madina Al Munawwara Road.

Requirements for Obtaining Certificate:

  1. 2-3 Passport Size photo with white background. (1 needed but just in case)
  2. Request letter from embassy with MOFA Stamp
  3. Your ID Card (Iqama)
  4. Passport and ID Card Copy.
  5. Your FingerPrints !! 😉

When you are there you grab a number and wait in line, upon getting called present your letter and ID + Copies + Photo. The officer will hand over to you a hard printed paper with your photo and the letter attached. Please take this paper and review the information entered in it. (They entered the wrong ID number for me !!) .

Note: Shah2014 says you should also request them to put your Passport Number and Immigration (“هجرة”) as the purpose on the letter. Dhaka2014 states that his was accepted with just the normal letter, with only Iqama number on it and name per Iqama. So the Passport information seems optional but an advantage to have.

Afterwards go to get your finger prints done on this same paper and remember to take the receipt (torn bottom part of the fingerprint paper) with you. It has the date when you can receive your certificate and a reference number on it .

Step 4: Head over to the Police Station to Collect

Usually after 3 days or sometimes earlier you can collect your police certificate after presenting your receipt. The certificate is the same paper with all your fingerprints on it. However, now it will have several stamps on it including the most important one indicating No Criminal Record

Step 5: Go again to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Optional)

After obtaining your certificate you may now go again to the MOFA and get the certificate stamped again for sending to CIC 🙂

Note: It is said by Dhaka2014 that he did not get it stamped again from the MOFA and was accepted. It is also not documented anywhere. While others have said that it is needed. I therefore leave it up to you, please do as you feel fit.