How to get in touch with CIC over the phone or via email. You may do this if after a very long wait (e.g 2 weeks after application received on the date same as your are finished).

Via Email

For case specific query, you need to e-mail at CIO-Sydney-Search-Enquiry[at] . Mention your full name and date of birth, receive date etc.

Via Phone

Getting in touch on the phone:

  1. Call at – 0016139444000
  2. Select 1 for English
  3. Then 1 for foreign affair
  4. 2 for immigration
  5. Call is being transferred to CIC
  6. Then 1 for English
  7. 2 for status
  8. 1 for PR

If you don’t have a UCI and want to obtain it :

  1. When it asks you to enter UCI number just be on hold n let it say it 3 times then the call is automatically transferred to an agent
  2. Agent will ask information about last name, first name, date of birth, application received date, email id etc.

If you already have a UCI and want to check the status:

  1. In last IVR system ask you to enter your UCI
  2. Once you enter your UCI,
  3. If system directs you directly to agent without any announcement it’s means your payment is not Encashed yet
  4. If after entering your UCI, you listen the announcement like ” your application has received on xxx day” it’s means you have been charged now wait for the PER