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I thought of jotting down a few points on this topic. Good luck to all prospective immigrants!!ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

1- The question is not whether people are successful there – the real question is if ‘I’ or ‘my family’ will be successful there. A lot are successful!!!

2- I am sure even from within us a good 25 to 30% will pack their bags back in some time, though the actual percentage may vary. But a good percentage will be successful, and that is what really matters.

3- Hints of who will be successful – people that are already familiar with ways of the developed world, or people who have prepared themselves well for the upcoming move, or people that are ready to invest a lot in re-educating themselves, or simply people that are smarter and find solutions.

4- Who is coming back then – people who need hand holding in almost every thing on a day to day basis, or people who don’t have much to give but are only there to ask all the time, or people who do not know where to find what info, or people who are constantly worried. The new culture will sense your insecurity soon and use it to their advantage.

Asking is okay though, it is foolish not to ask. But one should put effort themselves rather than look for short cuts. I’d say even making mistakes is ok, not a big deal if one made a mistake and let’s say application returned – we always learn.

The essence of the post is for us to identify where we fit and understand what we can do to ‘upgrade’ self for this major transition in life. After all, we all want to make a success out of this, though not all will be able to. Ask yourself, have I invested properly to ready myself for this move!

Hopefully the post sounds with a balanced view but please do let me know if it sounds one-sided (can even PM me if this offends you LOL instead of whacking my a$$ in public), or if I may have forgotten to include something critical. Please research well there is ton of information out there – both readable and video. Plan to land as single (this is for some, if not for all) to make your initial struggle a bit easy on the pocket as well as on the mind. All the best in the next steps!! ๐Ÿ™‚ :p Let the good news for the day keep rolling!!!!ย :p

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