Sometimes people are reluctant to ask their current employer for such letters, for fear that the employer will become suspicious of them. Many times these cranky HR managers and stringent HR policies will become the biggest hurdle for you to get a Job Reference Letter as per your Expectations or not at all getting the Job Reference Letter. If this is the case, then you may ask colleagues for writing such letters. Such Letters can be taken on plain paper, if you cant get it on Company Letterhead. Letters from colleagues must be notarized, and should state that he/she is working / has worked with you, and witnessed you performing certain duties. We work through some of the common issues or problems with job reference letters.

Letter Head Issues

 If you are not able to get this Job Reference Letter on Company Letter Head, then

  1. Please descibe the reference letter with your NOC on a white A4 paper and get it acknowledged by your supervisor.
  2. Take a copy of photo I’d (company tag photo id) of your supervisor of your company…get it signed by him on it and do attestation
  3. Get a service letter from your employee stating you have worked from so and so time with your designation (Experience Letter)
  4. Provide an affidavit supporting why you are not able to provide the reference letter in company letter head (see it here) and attach the service letter provided along with this affidavit
  5. Submit appointment letter (if exists)
  6. Submit Payslip (if exists)

No Letters at All

There will be instances when you will not be getting any success in obtaining Job Reference Letter. Some of the reasons may be:

  • Company is closed down
  • Supervisor/s you worked with are now with another employer
  • HR Policies
  • Your employer gives only experience letter and etc..

In such cases you can submit below Sample affidavit as an alternative to the work reference/job description letter:

Sample notarization Date:


    I the undersigned, (principal applicant), residing at ___________________________________, hereby solemnly affirm that from (date) until (date) I was employed by (company name) as (job title). I worked (number) hours per week and was paid (salary) (weekly, monthly, yearly).
My main duties consisted of (main duties).

  • Main Duty 1
  • Main Duty 2
  • Main Duty 3
  • Main Duty 4
  • and so on and so forth.  

I am unable to obtain a letter with the job description from my employer because the HR department doesn’t provide any such letter with the job duties mentioned on it. The only thing they provide with is an experience letter with the designation and the tenure of the employment mentioned on it, that too at the time of relieving.
I have that letter and I shall enclose the notarized copy of the same.

Signature principal applicant

Important Notes: In those cases where employment letters are not available, or where letters from colleagues are substituting, providing as many of the following additional documents should be provided to CIO office as possible:

  • tax documents 
  • pay slips / pay stubs
  • performance appraisals 
  • employment contracts, 
  • promotion letters or letters of appointment 
  • letters sometimes provided by employers for banking purposes, in which the letter confirms your position and salary;
  • experience letter & / or relieving letter
  • PF contribution letter
  • gratuity / pension contribution slips
  • annual tax certificates
  • Income Tax Returns

Please note that these substitutes may be provided, even in the case that you are able to obtain a good employment letter as detailed above. Providing with such documents can help better demonstrate credibility of your employment history, which may facilitate your application, or the chance of an interview waiver.


taken from a post of forum member k_b here:

1. Please explain the difference between an affidavit and a cover letter ?  — cover letter is plain white A4 paper where you explain what all is missing in your application and solid reasons for the same. Affidavit is as you suggested in point 2, Govt Stamp Pater and has to be attested by a notary.

2. For an affidavit can we use a plain paper with some heading and sign at the end OR do we need to have it on the Govt Stamp Paper and get it acknowledged from notary ? -No it has to be on govt stamp paper. Rs 10 stamp paper is fine if you are in india

3. I have a reference letter from HR on company head where my name, designation and duration of work is mentioned. I have anothere reference letter on the letter head from my manager on which my duties are mentioned. Now to explain this why this is not on one page what do i need to submit…a cover letter or an affidavit..can someone explain ? — Nothing. CIC staff is cabable enough to determine that both letter heads are for the same company and are a proof of your employment

4. For birth certificate….My origional BC is in Punjabi..i got it translated and an affidavit from the translator and a notarised copy of the origional one. However, my name is not on that certificate only my date of birth and my fathers name. But i am also giving my 10th class certificate (mark sheet) where my name, my fathers name, my mother’s name and DOB is mentioned. Now in this case, what is required a cover letter or an affidavit? – An affidavit is required in this case explaining them that your birth date is this, and your name is missing from the birth certificate and mention your full name in affidavit. Another option is not to submit birth certificate and just submit the 10th certificate without any tranlation requirement


Note 1:  taken from a post of forum member Pipis Husband here:

It would be best to get it on letterhead but if this is not possible, he can use his company email and you print it out. If company email is not possible, then get it on plain paper but his call card must be attached. There must be proof of his connection to the company otherwise it will raise suspicion

Note 2:  taken from a post of forum member 24 here:

Do u have an email from them stating that they are not going to give u a letter? If yes then attach that copy of email with ur application as well.. If you have any kind of written communication (be it on paper or electronically) with your employer which shows their reluctance in giving a job reference letter to you… then you MUST attach printouts of such communications with your Affidavit in your FSWP application package.