Your first step to settle in Canada would be to find a place to live in. This is indeed a very important decision, especially since the place may be very new to you. Finding the right place is not an easy task and takes time and effort.

A good place to start off one of the several websites available online, whether you are looking to buy or rent. Also you can dig into your local newspaper for advertisements. Most apartments and houses are rented on a monthly bases, but some are even rented on a weekly basis.

To rent a place you usually need a co-signor or reference as some sort of assurance to the landlord. A co-signor is someone who agrees to pay the rent if you cannot, whereas a reference is a person who can verify your background and recommend you as Ā tenant to the landlord.

You want to have a checkout a number of places before you settle for one. It is usually a good idea to start early on (even before you land) and have several appointments booked to visit and view places. That way you can find a place very quickly after your arrival and have a place to call home, and off-course a mailing address šŸ™‚

Before you start looking for rental places, you need to decide on the below points:

  • how many rooms you need
  • the type of housing you need
  • how much rent you can afford
  • the amount of space you need

In addition to that you need to carefully research the community, housing market, rental rates as well as the vacancy rates.

FindingĀ Rental Housing

There are many ways to find rental housing in Canada:

  • Contact services such as immigrant agencies.
  • Look in the Classified section of local newspapers.
  • Ask friends and people you meet about places to rent.
  • Look for Vacancy and For Rent signs in windows and on notice boards.

Also lets not forget that we live in the digital world. There are several websites that you can find on your favorite search engine. Two of the ones I likeĀ areĀ andĀ


All the Legalities

As a tenant you need to be very well aware of your legal rights and the procedures involved. Therefore read upfront about the basics of renting in your province. Here is some information I found for British Columbia