Job Reference Letter matching with your NOC is the most important document in FSW Program for Canada Immigration. Letters from your current and former (if any) employers describing your work experience are a very important part of your application. These letters should be detailed and must show the Canadian Immigration officer that you performed certain work activities for a specific duration in accordance with your skills and qualifications. As a general rule, reference letters:

  • must be issued with a date
  • the specific period of your employment with the company
  • the position(s) you have held during the period of employment and the time spent in each position
  • your main responsibilities in each position
  • if possible, your total annual salary
  • signed by a supervisory officer at the place of employment.
  • if possible be on original company’s letterhead,
  • showing the company’s full address,contact details, and be stamped with the company’s official seal
  • must have attached business card of the supervisor who is giving this job reference letter to you


CIC Mentions the below requirements in the checklist:

  • Included reference letters from all employers for past 10 years.

Letters Must Be:

  • written on company letterhead
  • signed by responsilbe superviosr
  • show companies full address
  • stamped if possible.

Letters must include:

  • Period of employment
  • positions you have held and time period for each
  • main responsibilities in each position
  • total annual salary plus benefits for each position
  • number of hours per week in each position.

Additional Documents may include:

  • Copy of work contracts
  • copy of pay stubs

For more details read the checklist :

IMPORTANT: The letter(s) should clearly describe the duties and tasks of your particular position.


Note: Do not forget to attach Business Card of the supervisor who is giving this Job Reference Letter to you.


Note: The description, duties and responsibilities on the letter should closely resemble, but not be an exact copy of, those mentioned in your NOC code as per HRSDC page.


IMPORTANT: Letters that only indicate position, salary, and a statement that “he was a very good employee and we would hire him again” are not be sufficient! These letters are missing the important details of the applicant’s roles and responsibilities while working with the company.


Sample Letters

Below are sample format for Job Reference Letter which you can get from your workplace.

Sample Format (Job Reference Letter) to be taken on Company Letter Head

To Whom It May Concern This is to certify that Mr. XYZ ABC was an permanent full time employee of the COMPANY_NAME as DESIGNATION from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. He played a significant roles as “NOC DESCRIPTION” encompasing “describe 2-liner that match the lead statement of your NOC”. The following table shows the chronological roles and responsibilities of Mr. SIRYASIR at COMPANY NAME: Company:Company Name          Position: YOUR DESIGNATION     PERIOD: From …TO            DURATION Role playing as “NOC DESCRIPTION”

  • POINT 1
  • POINT 2 : :
  • POINT n

Annual Salary and Benefit: RS XXXXXX per month ( or per year, also mention if additional benefits such as PF, medical reimbursement, Insurance etc) Number of Hours Works: Full time job, 8 and half hours per day, and 5-day a week; Yours Sincerely, NAME OF SUPERVISOR DESIGNATION: E-MAIL ADDRESS CONTACT NUMBER

Sample Format 2 (Job Reference Letter) to be taken on Company Letter Head

To whom it may concern; I am writing this to confirm that Mr. xxx worked as a job title at company name on a full time basis of 35 hours a week between the dates of dd/mm/yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy. Mr. xxx’s main duties during this employment consisted of the following:

  • duty 1
  • duty 2
  • duty 3
  • duty 4

During this employment  Mr. xxx ‘s starting annual salary was £X and final annual salary when he left the position was £y. Yours faithfully managers name and signature Designation: Location: Company Stamp & Seal

Sample Format 3 (Job Reference Letter) to be taken on Company Letter Head

TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN I am writing this reference at the request of  Mr. xxxxxx who is applying for Permanent Resident for Canada.  Mr. xxxx had worked with xxxx as Job Title at xxxx location for xxxxx Group .He was employed in the said position from dates of dd/mm/yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy. As a full time employee, he was mainly responsible for following duties.

  • duty 1
  • duty 2
  • duty 3
  • duty 4

He had worked 40 hours per week and his annual salary was xxxx per annum. Besides salary, he also had other benefits like performance bonus, house rent allowances, transport allowances and medical insurance. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information or should you have any questions regarding the contents of this letter. Yours Faithfully Supervisors/managers name and signature Designation: Location: Company Stamp & Seal



A good job related reference letter gives many details. It lists the projects you worked on, and the achievements you accomplished. Very importantly, it should also describe your day-to-day duties and tasks. These daily tasks may seem mundane, but they often demonstrate that you perform the duties of a certain position, and that you possess the required basic skills. It is important that the letter demonstrates that you know the basic skills of your position, and that you have already been trained in them. At a minimum, the letter should state your position, the length of your employment, salary, and a summary of your duties.

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