Often people ask about how they can obtain a police certificate in India. The procedure is not usually the same between different countries and there could be different ways for example online or from a government office.  Below we discuss the way to get the PCC for the duration of stay in India.

Steps to get PCC from Commissioner’s Office:  

1. Get a form of residential certificate from Municipal corporation.

Documents required: a. Affidavit stating that you need it for PCC. ( depending on the area you live ) b. Passport copy c. Electricity bill d. House hold supply card ( ration card ) e. Municipality Tax receipt f. Election card g. Driving licence Within 2,3 days you ll get residential certificate.


2. Get a form to obtain PCC from District Commissioner’s Office. (LIB department)

Documents required:  a. Passport Copy b. Passport Size Photographs (4) c. Document Check List IMM5612E d. Ration card, Election Card, Driving licence e. Original Residential Certificate f. Marriage certificate After submitting these documents you ll be given a date, on which you have to got to DSP office to collect PCC. lastly, on the day before that date, you will have to go to Local police station to get NOC.


3. Get NOC from local police station(LIB section)

Documents Required A Complete set of documents which was submitted to DSP office. (Photocopy of residential certificate is required, not original ,photographs and other photocopies) On the same day you ll get NOC. (Depends on the availability of PI  )


4. Go to DSP office with all original documents on the given date.

Check all the details on the PCC/PVC (Spelling, passport number, date of issue and all). Get it signed by responsible Officer. One copy you ll get. Remaining we have to submit back to the LIB department. [ It takes approx 2 Weeks. As I was not able to get leave, I opted for this method. I paid only 11 Rupees on this…   ( 1 rupee for Residential certificate form and 10 rupees again for this form.) If you need affidavit then 200 for that, otherwise 11…!!! And little on petrol…      ] Hope this will help, who don’t have time to travel as PSK (passport seva kendra)  is not in their cities.

Courtesy: this info is taken from post of forum member LJROY on this page..


Note: This can be done online as well on the passport website. Please check this link. http://www.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/pccOnlineApp.

In case, if your address in passport and present address in different, I would suggest you to apply for PCC from police department. It may be time consuming if you apply via PSK (passport seva kendra) due to change in address.