Often at times applicants worry about what happens to their application when it is received. I have noticed queries similar to below from people:

  1. My application was received on 9  May but I still have not heard from CIC. Does CIC send some comfirmation.
  2. My application is at CIC now .. what next ?

Well hopefully the below detailed process is what is needed to clarify things. Go through it to know what happens your application is received. Please note that this process is obtained from experience of various people over at the Canada Visa FSW2014 Forum. Mainly I have based it on a post by user Oscar7 and Ashif_eee. Please note that this is still work under progress


Step 1: Application Recieved

Your application is received at CIC. CIC immediately puts a date stamp on your application. This is the date that will be used as the reference to check all your documents against. If for example your IELTS was valid on this date but will expire 1 month after this date. CIC will deem the IELTS as valid because it was still not expired at the time the application was received.


Step 2: Completeness Check

Once your application has finished waiting its turn 🙂 The CIC officer opens your application and does a completeness check, below is what is included in the completeness check. Below is a basic idea of what may be checked.

  • All required forms have been included
  • All forms that need signatures have been duly signed and dated.
  • You have filled in all the required fields.
  • Your chosen NOC has not reached the cap (1000 per NOC or total 25,000 for FSW 2014)
  • You have included a payment method amounting to the required fee for your application.
  • You have provided all supporting documents (IELTS, ECA, Degree Copies, Work Experience, Marriage Certificate etc.) that are required for your application as per the Document Checklist.

 Note: At this point your application may be returned to you for being incomplete or for not being under the cap for your NOC or the total CAP set by the Ministerial Instructions.


Step 3: Payment Charged

Woohooo!! Congratulations on submitting a valid application. At this point CIC would like to take the fees for the application. Hopefully that Credit Card you used (not recommended) is all ready to be charged. Demand Drafts / Bank Draft (recommended) take some time to be charged but have the best chance getting cleared. CIC will complete this phase before your application is put into processing.

Note: At this point your application may be returned to you, if CIC was unable to charge your Credit Card (they try multiple times) or there some other issue with processing your payment.


Note: CIC also updates your ECAS status at this point after your payment clears. They acknowledge receipt of your application on XYZ date in the ECAS system. Basically it will say “In Process” and when you click on the In Process it will tell you that  ” We received your application for Permanent Residence on Month Date, 2014


Step 4: Eligibility Review

The eligibility review is the final check and the final stage of your application at the Central Intake Office (CIO) Sydney Nova Scotia. It is also the last stage where your money might be refunded to you before your application processing is started.

CIC at this basically checks what your application is worth. You have obviously made several claims such as :

  • I have xx,xxx amount of funds available
  • I have an XYZ relative in Canada
  • Here is my ECA with this Canadian Degree Equivalency
  • Here is my proof of experience for the NOC I am applying under.
  • Here are my IELTS score.
  • Verification of your Arranged Offer of Employment (if included)

All of the components of your application are assessed by CIC at this point. CIC would review each one and calculate the points you are to be awarded in addition to checking whether you have provided valid experience for the chosen NOC.

After this eligibility review, CIC would either send you a Positive Eligibility Review (PER) email (provided you have included an email address in your application) and move your application to the selected visa office (Hurray you are in !!) OR they will send your application back to you with a printed Negative Eligibility Review Letter (NER).

If your application has been successful, it will be transferred to the relevant Visa Office.

Note: CIC will update your ECAS to show that your Eligibility Review at CIO is complete. The status will be “Centralized Intake Office Sydney (CIO-S) ELIGIBILITY REVIEW COMPLETE

User k_b mentions that it is not the case. There is apparently no status update.


Step 5: Application Received at Visa Office

After your application has received a PER, it is transferred to the relevant visa office. Further evaluation and an additional eligibility review is done at this stage.

Note: CIC will update your ECAS once it has been received at the Visa Office . You will see this in ECAS as “Received by visa office

Unfortunately we are not seeing evidence of this if anyone sees this please put a comment below.


Step 6: Visa Office Eligibility Check

After your application reaches the visa office an eligibility check is done. This might include background checks as well as security checks.

Note: (If some one knows any ECAS status change please leave a comment below with relevant step number)


Step 7: Medical and Police Certificate Request

After the eligibility check the Visa office will request medical check ups and police certificates as needed by the Visa Office.

 Note: (If some one knows any ECAS status change please leave a comment below with relevant step number)


Step 8: Passport Request

Considering that there were no serious issues in the medical checkup and the police certificate requests, the Visa Office will request your passport.

 Note: At this point your ECAS status should show as “Decision Made”


Step 9: Visa Issued

Hopefully your visa is issued and you receive your passport back with the Visa Valid for one  year from the date of your medical test.




WARNING: Please do not hold me or any forum member responsible for any mistakes here. We are just trying to guess how things are happening. This post is still work under progress so expect the further stages to be included soon.